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The dynamicity of SEO requires an aligned participation with the internet. Search engines, especially Google, undertake discreet algorithm updates at a random pattern. There may be three updates in two years span and no updates in the next twelve months. The baseline is, there is not a moment of stagnation in SEO-land. New ideas constantly evolve because the search engines are never much descriptive about the details of their algorithms.

To complicate the matter further, a search engine may employ minor upgrades even without making an announcement. Ultimately, it is always up to the SEO specialist to devise the best strategies based on his/her understanding of the quality parameters.

This is where eWebFry comes in to your assistance.

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The search engine optimization network is on a rapid evolution mode. Websites are implementing the implementation of evolutionary ideas like mobile optimization and semantic SEO. Our mission is to align your website with the niche pulse of the internet. Since SEO is a dynamic field, there is never a scope of stagnation. Your website must display a balanced rate of fair activity to stay in the radar. If the searcher crawl bot senses inactivity over a few subsequent crawls, your competitor outranks you.

However, if you are active over the limit, but lack quality, the search engine demotes you again. Essentially, you need to maintain a consistent pace of quality website promotion. Everything that happens on your website has a promontory value. Maintaining optimum quality is our core value. We envision an internet connected by positive quality.

Our Team

Our Team

Our qualified professional teams undertake comprehensive online promotions service, starting from square one. Our services include web design and development in any platform. We also develop and optimize e-commerce websites.

We undertake site maintenance works also. Actually, site repairs and web development services are imperative in optimization. A huge portion of on-site optimization includes the incorporation of (white hat) keyword strategies into the coding structure.

The experts would look after off-site SEO requirements. Our services include social media optimization, directory listing, articles & blog submissions, and press release development. We are constantly developing innovative ideas to align with the pulse of the search engine. Our experts are always active in web development and SEO communities so that we have the latest info to interpret and implement.

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